Clubs and Communities Office Use Agreement

The SA is excited to provide a number of dedicated offices for clubs. These are meant to give the group a central location, a place to store promotional iteams, and a location to work from. The offices are property of the Students' Association at all times, even when they are being occupied by a recognized club.
  • Office Space Assignment

    There is limited office space available in the Clubs and Communities office (E209). Clubs receive an office for one academic year and must re-apply each year for office space. No guarantee exists that a club will get office space if it has had it in the past.

    Office space is primarily decided based on involvement. Active clubs that hold numerous events will have a greater chance of receiving an office. The amount of members a club has is a factor; however a small active club has a greater chance of receiving office space than a large club that holds only a few events.

    A club must host an executive committee in order to apply for office space.

    The club must be in good standing with the Students’ Association to receive an office space.

  • Rules of Office Use

    1. There is to be no food or alcohol stored in the offices.

    2. Offices are for Club and Community work only, not for the academic needs of members.

    3. Offices must be cleaned regularly and at the end of the year before returning the keys to the Clubs and Communities Coordinator. Failure to maintain the office in a tidy fashion will disqualify the club from receiving office space in the next academic year and could jeopardize the club’s standing.

    4. Offices must be vacated fully by April 24, 2015 at 4pm. Clubs may request to keep their office during the summer if they plan to be active, but must apply in writing with the Clubs and Communities Coordinator before April 24th.

    5. Losing keys (door or cabinet) will result in a $100 fine.

    6. Offices are shared between two clubs. Failure to maintain a safe, pleasant and fair use of the space will result in mediation by the Clubs and Communities Coordinator and potential loss of space.

    7. Money is not to be stored in the office. Clubs that fundraise for events may give the money to the Clubs and Communities Coordinator to put in a safe and return to the group at their request.

    8. The assigned office is meant for all member(s) of the club. The club may decide who holds the key, but at no time can the office be monopolized by one member of the club at the expense of others. It is a shared space for all members.

    9. Clubs must keep noise at a minimum to make sure other clubs can work.

    10. Clubs may not take furniture from any other space on campus to keep it in their office.

    11. There is to be nothing attached to the door, windows, wall or plaque within the office space.

    12. Clubs that are granted office space must partake in Clubs Day (one per semester).

  • Office Space Discipline

    Clubs with office space may be disciplined in a five step process if any of the above rules are broken. These steps may be escalated at the discretion of the Clubs and Communities Coordinator.

    1.Written warning via email from the Clubs and Communities Coordinator to the clubs Spokesperson and/or President.

    2.Meeting request to discuss the issue with the Clubs and Communities Coordinator. The meeting will be documented and will remain on file for a minimum of 2 years. Failure to attend this meeting will immediately place the club onto step 3.

    3.Office Space Suspended (two week period).

    4.Office Space Suspended (full semester).

    5.Office Space Suspended (full year).

  • Notes

    The Algonquin Students’ Association is not responsible for any lost or stolen items resulting from the use of the club offices. If the Students’ Association feels the rules have been broken, office space allocation & access may be rescinded at any time. At this time the group will be given a time period (one week) to clear the office. Failure to do so could result in items being disposed of. If a club loses its recognition from the Students’ Association they automatically lose the office space. If a club does not submit two “Activity Report(s)” it may lose the office space. Failure to use the space or put on events may result in a loss of office space.

  • I in my capacity as official representative for the a recognized club of the Algonquin College Students’ Association promise to abide by and agree with all aforementioned rules and notes of office use. I agree to make sure all members of the group also follow the rules and take responsibility if this does not happen.

    Completing this form does not guarantee a club office space