Faculty Recognition Awards

Information About the 2015–16 Awards

The Algonquin Students’ Association Faculty Recognition Awards were established to provide students with an opportunity to show their appreciation to faculty members who made a significant impact during their stay at Algonquin College.

Every year nomination forms are distributed through the Students’ Association offices. Students are informed through the Student Forums, on-campus advertising and through advertising in the Algonquin Times. Students are then given a deadline date to submit their nominations. Once the nominations are compiled and verified, a selection committee of students is established.

This year there were a total of 124 forms submitted to the Students’ Association, with 60 faculty members being nominated.

The selection committee compiled nomination forms and chose the recipients of the award based on who demonstrated the ability to convey enthusiasm, responsibility in teaching practices, approachability and effective communication skills, going well beyond the call of duty.

The five faculty who were selected this year are:

  • Terri Strawn,  Dental Hygiene Program, Woodroffe Campus.
  • David Orr, HVAC Program, Woodroffe Campus.
  • Louise Lahache, Aboriginal Studies Program, Woodroffe Campus.
  • Noel Pardy, Early Childhood Education Program, Pembroke Campus.
  • Deborah McConkey,  Social Service Worker Program, Perth Campus.

All nominated faculty members will receive a certificate of recognition signed by both the College president and the Students’ Association president.

The Students’ Association also hands out a Chris Warburton Award of Excellence each year. This award is given to a member of the College community who has made an outstanding contribution to student life at Algonquin. This may include a staff, student, or faculty member. The recipient of this year’s award are:

  • Victor Buglar, Mechanical Maintenance & HVAC Operations
  • Earl Green, Manager, Safety & Security Services

The awards were presented at a dinner held on Thursday, March 31, 2016 and all of the students who nominated the winning faculty members were invited to attend the event. A student from each program presented the award to their teacher.