Clubs and Communities Executive Committee Application

  • The Students’ Association recognizes the rights of student members to form clubs and groups as a forum for expressing their views and meeting their academic, social, and cultural needs on campus. The Students’ Association however, will not recognize any club or group whose activities, in the opinion of the SA, promote hatred, violence, propaganda or whose sole purpose is designed to disparage a government, state, country, religion, individual or group of people.

    Note: For the below criteria all club and community groups will be referred to as “club(s)”

  • Criteria and Procedures for Club Elections

    1.All elected members must be full time activity fee paying students.

    2. a) There must be a minimum of 2 official vote takers present during the nomination meeting.

    b) Voters must be activity fee paying members of the Students' Association, and current club members.

    3. A club must have a minimum of 15 club members attend the nomination meeting.

    4. The president and executive members are a direct representation of said club. They do not represent any individual group, country, religion, government, association or state as a whole. Any club and its members found to be making such claims may have their recognition status revoked.

    5. If there is only one nominee for said position, that club member becomes acclaimed.

  • Executive Job Descriptions


    The Club Presidents role is to ensure all executives and members are aware and following the Club Guidelines set by the Students' Association. The President will be the direct contact between the club and the Clubs and Communities Coordinator. He/she must attend Club Training.

    Vice President

    The Club Vice Presidents role is to assist the President in all club matters. The Vice President will assume the role of President when the President is unavailable. They will ensure the club is following its written goals and direction.

    Club Finance Officer

    The Club Finance Officer will keep an accurate count of club funding, and ensure all Club Funding requests are complete correctly. The Finance Officer will ensure the club is in good financial standing with all outside vendors as well as the Students' Association. If the club chooses to open a Trust Account within the Students' Association the Finance Officer must be one of two signing authorities.

    Club Events and Marketing Officer

    The Club Events and Marketing Officer will work with the Club Finance Officer to complete all Event and Funding Applications. They will be responsible for booking all on and off campus space, and work with the Clubs and Communities Coordinator to develop programming and event concepts for the club. They must complete all Club Activity Reports along with the Club President.

  • Please be sure to take an accurate attendance list of club members present at the nomination meeting. The club will need to provide a list of attendees names and student numbers to the Clubs and Communities Coordinator after the election.

  • Club President Candidates

  • Club Vice President Candidates

  • Club Finance Officer Candidates

  • Club Events and Marketing Officer

    We (the club) agree and understand all of the above criteria and procedures. We as executive members agree to follow all descriptions, policies and procedures laid out by the Students' Association and understand we do not represent any individual group,country, religion, government, association, or state as a whole.