All full-time, activity-fee paying students are assessed a Health and Dental Plan fee. This fee is included with your tuition payment. The fee is $123.96 for students beginning in September 2016 and $109.12 for students beginning in January 2017. The plan will be effective from September 1, 2016 until August 31, 2017. You can obtain a break down of the fees you have paid from the Registrar’s office in room E114.

Your student card is used as your Health and Dental Plan card. Show it to the pharmacist when you go to fill your prescription. We recommend you take your Student Insurance Plan Brochure (that you will receive in the mail approximately three weeks prior to the start date of your program) the first time you visit a pharmacist.

Please note: your card will not work during the first month of coverage. You will need to keep any receipts, fill out a claim form and drop it off at the Algonquin Students’ Association office, and a refund cheque will be mailed to you.

Opt-In (dependants)

All students beginning school in September 2016 can add dependents to their Health and Dental Plan at a cost of $302.00 for one dependant and $437.00 for more than one dependant. All students beginning in January 2017 can add one dependant for $275.00 and more than one dependant for $410.00.

Please fill out the Opt-In Form available at and submit it to the Algonquin Students’ Association office. Please note that you can only add your dependants to the plan during the semester that you are assessed the Health Plan fee.


To opt-out of the Health and Dental Plan, you must have coverage from another Health and Dental Plan provider. To opt-out, please fill out the appropriate form at You have 30 days from the start date of your program to opt-out. For most new students beginning in September 2016, that will be October 6, 2016.


For more information about the benefits that the Health and Dental Plan provides, go to the Students’ Association office to pick up a detailed pamphlet or go online and visit the Health and Dental Plan provider’s website at There you will find an electronic copy of the brochure, answers to questions you may have and claims forms you can download.