The Executive in Residence has office hours most Wednesdays from 12:30–2:30 p.m., to meet confidentially with any student that wishes to pursue entrepreneurship opportunities.

What is the Executive in Residence program?

The Executive-in-Residence Program was created by the Algonquin Students’ Association to foster entrepreneurship at Algonquin College. It pairs an experienced entrepreneur with interested Algonquin students to discuss their ideas.

The Executive in Residence program also promotes entrepreneurship by:

  • Creating visibility to entrepreneurship at the College.
  • Engaging students and external community.
  • Providing resources for those who want to explore their entrepreneurial ideas.

Learn More About our Executive in Residence - Andrew Foti  Businesses That Started at AC - Watch the Video 

Preparing for your executive-in-residence meeting

  • Open with a brief, clear summary of your business idea and the opportunity it presents. You should be able to explain your idea in 60 seconds.
  • Provide some basic validation of the market issue or problem you are solving.
  • Provide a 1–2 page competitive landscape analysis. For example, who else does what you plan to do? Why are you different, and why will you “win”?
  • Provide your thoughts on how you would launch the product or service. What is the compelling value for customers, and how will you engage them?
  • Discuss channels for distributing and generating revenue from the product or service.
  • Review your product or service roadmap, features for initial launch, and features to add as it achieves market traction.
  • Provide eventual exit strategy. Who do you think would be interested in partnering or acquiring the business as a whole?
  • Provide a clear description of technical and start-up challenges you need to solve, the resources you have, and the resources you require.
  • Explain who else is on your team, or needs to be on your team to make your idea a success.

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