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    1. Student's must leave the area used for the bake sale in the same condition as it was found.
    2. Supplies, such as paper napkins, plastic plates, plastic knives, etc., cannot be taken from the cafeteria, the rotunda, or The Observatory. They must be supplied by the organizer of the bake sale.
    3. All bake sales must be held in the designated bake sale area, "C block, beside the security office." Bake sales cannot be held anywhere else in the college.
    4. Only (1) table will be provided for the bake sale.
    5. Only home baked goods can be sold. Store-bought goods and/or beverages of any kind cannot be sold.
    6. Flyers must be stamped by the Info-Algonquin and abide by the rules for general interest boards.

    Failure to follow any of these conditions will result in the immediate cancellation of the bake sale and the loss of the right to hold any future bake sales.