The Board of Directors of the Students’ Association is made up of 9 full-time activity fee-paying students. These students are your voice to the upper echelons of the college and here for you the student.

Every year near the end of the first semester nominations open to all full time students to become a Director of the Students’ Association (SA). All students are welcome to apply. All you need to do is pick up a package from the SA office at your campus fill out the forms and return it before the due date. In the documents that you fill it out you will find information on the Directors job description, President and Vice Presidents job description along with information that you will need to provide to the SA.

Once your package has been submitted the Primary Electoral Officer for the SA will go over all the information that you provided and contact to you about the mandatory Director Orientation. At the Orientation you will learn more about what it’s like to be a Director and what is expected of you. Also at this Orientation you will be able to schedule your interview with the selection committee that is made up of 5 of the current Board of Directors.

Once your interview has been conducted and you have been successful, you will again be contacted by the PEO to congratulate you on your achievement. From there you will be asked to attend an Annual General Meeting where you will be presented to the Student Body and approved as the new incoming Board of Directors for the SA.

Please keep in mind in order to run for President or Vice-president you must first become a Director.

Why Become a Director?