Jeremy Rasmussen

Jeremy Rasmussen

President & Chief Executive Officer
Industrial Audit Corporation

Jeremy Rasmussen is the President and CEO of Industrial Audit Corporation and is one of Canada’s leading thinkers in information and communications technology (ICT), mobile software, and open source intelligence Mr. Rasmussen is a serial entrepreneur and has been a pioneer in the information technology industry since the first personal computer. With both strategic and hands-on experience ranging from technology product management & marketing to software development architecture and networking system design, Mr. Rasmussen is consistently on the leading edge of the role of technology in business and has both authored and been featured in numerous articles including the Washington Post, New York Times, and Wired.

In 2006 Mr. Rasmussen founded Industrial Audit, a Software-as-a-Service company driven to improve the efficiency of highly regulated, capital-intensive industrial projects. Industrial Audit’s Workface Efficiency™ online and mobile software platform helps organizations plan, execute, document and report every field activity electronically, every day, in real time. Mr. Rasmussen has co-published and presented numerous papers on the role of mobile technology in complex industrial environments at industry conferences in Canada, the United States, and China.

Since 1990 Mr. Rasmussen has also overseen operations and business development for Orchestral Corporation, a company he founded and continues to serve as CEO and Director. Under Mr. Rasmussen’s leadership, Orchestral has grown into a sought-after boutique information intelligence firm. Orchestral has worked with US and Canadian consumer product giants (including Microsoft, P&G, and MGM), Intelligence and Law Enforcement Agencies (including the FBI, Navy Intelligence and the Competition Bureau).

With Orchestral, Mr. Rasmussen pioneered the intellectual property enforcement industry, eventually spinning off the business into a new company – Ranger Online. Ranger was the world leader in monitoring, tracking, reporting and enforcing intellectual property rights on the Internet. Every major rights holder became a client of Ranger, including the MPAA, Microsoft, ESA, Chanel, eBay, NMPA, as well as several US and international based intelligence organizations.

Mr. Rasmussen is currently an advisor to Toronto based Neutral Data Centers, an Advisor and investor in Vancouver based secure email provider, and was investor and member of the Advisory Board for Vancouver based Make Technologies (sold to NASDAQ:DELL), and an early investor and advisor to securities compliance firm (sold to NYSE:DST).

With 5 information security patents and a thriving business, Jeremy finds balance in his life by enjoying time with his wife and son at his Lake Simcoe home. When he truly wants to be offline he ventures north with his family and friends to their wilderness retreat located off the grid in Muskoka, Ontario.