Report Printing

Bring your work on a USB or CD and get it printed for free, in colour! Students can print 20 reports per semester.

Resume Printing

Students are entitled to 50 printed copies of your resume. If you need your resume printed on anything other than standard white printer paper, you must supply your own paper.


All students have free faxing for all academic related material, job searches within Canada and the U.S. and international faxing for International students.

For unrelated faxes, there is a $1 charge for local faxing and $3 for long distance faxing within Canada and the U.S. only.


All full-time, activity-fee paying students are entitled to 20 free scanned pages per semester. All scanned documents are automatically forwarded to your email account.

If you require additional printing services check the Algonquin College Print Shop.