Grad Party Funding

The Algonquin Students’ Association provides funding toward your class graduation party. Funds may be put toward hall rental, meals, disk jockey, and more.

All programs are eligible to receive up to $25 per graduating students for their event.

Please fill out a Graduation Funding Form and drop it off at the Algonquin Students’ Association office to apply.


  1. One class representative, or person in charge of planning the graduation party must complete all pertinent information on the graduation funding application form. The application form must be submitted directly to the SA office E114 to the attention of Don MacRae.
  2. A complete listing of potential graduates from your class, including names, telephone numbers, student numbers and signatures must be indicated on the graduation funding application form. The total amount submitted is based on potential graduates of your class. All names will be verified against a class listing provided by the college.
  3. Contracts must be provided to the Students’ Association two weeks prior to the cheque being issued to the organization with whom you are reserving.
  4. Only full-time, activity-fee paying students may apply for this funding.

Please note: No cheques will be made payable to an individual. We must have invoices and contracts before funds will be released.

Graduation Funding Forms