Pembroke Clubs and Communities Recognition Application

  • The Students’ Association recognizes the rights of student members to form clubs and groups as a forum for expressing their views and meeting their academic, social, and cultural needs on campus. The Students’ Association however, will not recognize any club or group whose activities, in the opinion of the SA, promote hatred, violence, propaganda or whose sole purpose is designed to disparage a government, state, country, religion, individual or group of people.

    Note: For the below criteria all club and community groups will be referred to as “club(s)”

  • Criteria for Recognition

    1.No club may have the words “Student(s’) Association” or “Association” in their club name.

    2.The clubs members, executives, liaison, spokesperson and/or president are a direct representation of said club. They do not represent any individual group, country, religion, government, association or state as a whole. Any club found to be making such claims may have their recognized club status revoked.

    3.a) All club members must be activity fee paying members of the Students’ Association and the club must have at least ten members.

    b) Every club must submit an updated list of active club members two times a year; one in the last week of each term.

    c) “Guests” (non-Algonquin students) are welcome to participate in club events but may not sit on executive boards. Funding will not be provided for “guests”.

    4.a) All clubs must support the above mission statement and make sure they remain in compliance with it after recognition has been granted.

    b) All clubs must represent Algonquin College’s core values of caring, learning, integrity, and respect.

    5.The club must demonstrate a clear purpose by establishing written goals and objectives. This statement must accurately describe the purpose of the club to others.

    6.New clubs may not be recognized if they share too closely the goals and objectives of an already existing club.

    7.There must be an official spokesperson or executive committee to represent the club at all times. This spokesperson and/or all members of the executive committee must be full time activity fee paying student(s).

    8.If the club chooses to have an executive committee, Please complete a Clubs and Communities Executive Committee Application.

    9.Membership to all clubs must be free of charge and eligibility must be open to all activity fee paying students.

    10.Every club must complete and submit an Activity Report two times a year; one in the last week of each term. As well the official spokesperson or the executive committee must meet with the Clubs and Communities Coordinator twice a year (in the last week of each term) to review the year and provide feedback.

    11.a) All clubs must respect the use of on-campus space (including poster boards) as set out by the Students’ Association and Algonquin College. These spaces include but are not limited to the Clubs and Communities office (WE209a-g), Multipurpose Rooms WE206a/b, as well as any spaces owned and operated by Algonquin College Students’ Association within all three Algonquin College Campuses.

    b) All space booking requests made by clubs must be submitted 3 business days in advance to the Clubs and Communities Coordinator. Space booking requests can be done by completing a Club Room Request form located on

    c) All clubs must clean up any spaces used and leave the space as the found it.

    d) If a club chooses to bring in a speaker of a Spiritual nature, said speaker must be approved by Multi-Faith Advisory Council of Algonquin College.

    12.Study Groups may be formed but are only given $50.00 of funding per term. Allocation of this funding is to be approved by the Clubs and Communities Coordinator.

  • Notes

    By registering, a club agrees to follow all of the above criteria and accept that recognition can be withdrawn if the SA feels the group has not abided by them. These criteria and above mission statement apply to any space which a recognized group is using. This includes on or off campus events, online spaces, and any form of social media. We welcome Clubs and Communities to be proud members of the Algonquin community; however they are not an agent of the Algonquin Students’ Association and cannot speak on its behalf.

  • Club Discipline Act

    Clubs failing to follow the above criteria once recognized may be disciplined in a five step process. These steps may be escalated at the discretion of the Clubs and Communities Coordinator.

    1.Written warning via email from the Clubs and Communities Coordinator to the clubs Spokesperson and/or President.

    2.Meeting request to discuss the issue with the Clubs and Communities Coordinator. The meeting will be documented and will remain on file for a minimum of 2 years. Failure to attend this meeting will immediately place the club onto step 3.

    3.Club Activity Suspended (two week period). This includes room bookings, club funding, and any other club related activities. (including office space where applicable)

    4.Club Activity Suspended (full semester). This includes room bookings, club funding, and removal of club recognition from the Students’ Association.

    5.Club Activity Suspended (full year). Club recognition from the Students’ Association will be removed for the remainder of the academic year, and may be suspended for the next academic year.

  • Once Recognized by the Students' Association

    1.Two members must complete club training. Club training will take place once a month during each semester. Until club training has been completed by two members a limited amount of funding will be provided (approximately 50 dollars).

    2.The Clubs and Communities Coordinator will provide each club with a mailbox in the Clubs and Communities office.

    3.Clubs will be listed on the SA website. This information will include contact information and a short description of each club.

    4.Clubs may apply for funding as per the guidelines found on the Clubs and Communities Funding Application.

    5.If clubs wish to book promo tables and on-campus space they must do so through the Clubs and Communities Coordinator.

    6.If the club wishes to print posters for promotional or event purposes they must be approved by the Clubs and Communities Coordinator. All posters must be stamped by the Algonquin College Print Shop before distribution on campus.

    7. If a club wishes to promote an event via social media i.e Facebook, twitter, youtube, etc. said event must be approved by the Clubs and Communities Coordinator before the event goes "live".

    8.Clubs interested in office space please see “Clubs Office Use Agreement”. Available at or through the Clubs and Communities Coordinator.

  • Transition Policy

    A club that can demonstrate a plan for continued activity into the next academic year can apply for continued recognition. The club must provide the Clubs and Communities Coordinator with an updated Spokesperson or Executive Committee, and ten members that will be full time activity fee paying students during the next academic year before April 24th.

    If club that occupies an office space and would like to transition leadership this does not mean they will continue to occupy that office through the next academic year.

  • Clubs and Communities Recognition Application

    *This information must always remain accurate – If there are changes please notify the Clubs and Communities Coordinator.

  • *Please provide a 2 sentence description that will be posted on the Algonquin Students’ Association website.
  • Student Contact Information

  • If yes a “Clubs and Communities Executive Committee” form must be completed before Club approval. “Clubs and Communities Executive Committee” form can be found online at

    If no the club must appoint an Official Spokesperson. This person will be the main contact between the Clubs and Communities Coordinator and the club.

  • Spokesperson Contact

  • Contact 2

  • Club Social Media

    It is recommended but not mandatory that clubs create and update social media pages

  • Student Members

    Minimum 10 full time activity fee paying students required